At a glance:

  • Accomplished portfolio manager & investment consultant

  • 25+ years of investment experience

  • Proven leader & innovator

  • CFA UK level 3

  • MA in Finance & Investment

  • BA (Hons) Economics

Martyn Wild is Chief Investment Officer and Founding Principal of Marqam, where he is responsible for all investment-related activities.

Prior to founding Marqam, Martyn was Chief Investment Officer of the $34bn investment portfolio of BT Financial Group.   This role followed Martyn’s appointment as Head of Diversified Strategies at BT Investment Management, where he led the team that over his tenure, improved the performance of key balanced funds, often to 1st quartile.

Prior to BT, Martyn was Director, Head of Investment Solutions at Russell Investments, where he managed the Sydney investment consulting practice and built all bespoke portfolios for Asian sovereign wealth funds.

Martyn is based in Sydney, Australia.

As Martyn notes, "It is truly a privilege helping our clients and advising them on their investment journey.  I enjoy working in an industry that allows my colleagues and me to have such a positive impact on people and the community and seeing the distinct difference we can make to their lives and those of their families. 


I established Marqam in 2017 after over 20 years in institutional funds management.  Marqam is a privately-owned investment consulting practice seeking to raise the bar in terms of portfolio construction, governance and trade execution.  We are not affiliated with any other financial institution.


We focus on supporting financial planners and small to medium-sized corporates who have little desire to conform to conventional investment thinking.  We believe that our services give our clients an advantage that separates them from their competition.


Our edge comes from continuous improvement and targeted application of our investment acumen by ensuring that we fully meet the requirements of those that make us part of their solution.  We never compromise on integrity or give anything other than our best."

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