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who we are

At MARQAM, we are not afraid to be different. 

MARQAM is a privately-owned, boutique consulting company focused on providing superior investment outcomes for clients and greater profitability for businesses.  We are not affiliated with any other financial institution.


We leverage talent and decades of hands-on experience to deliver first-class investment guidance.  Our key staff have strong and verifiable investment pedigree: real investment results, not theoretical ones.  


Moreover, we hold an Australian Financial Services Licence to advise and deal in financial products for wholesale clients; something to which not all consultants can lay claim.


We’ve been around the block a few times and our experience can be your edge.

who we are

what we do

Growing wealth from point to point is a binary outcome: you win or you don’t.  The real trick is managing the journey...  


Smooth and consistent outcomes are our goal.  Consistency results in greater certainty for investors.  Anyone can take a punt.  Very few can genuinely invest.

In our experience, the investment journey is rarely smooth and often exasperating. Our ability to add value comes down to the relationships we develop with those who entrust us with their wealth journey.  If our clients succeed, then so do we.


We focus on supporting financial planners and small to medium-sized corporates who have little desire to conform to conventional investment thinking.  It stands to reason: you can’t generate a superior outcome by doing the same thing as everyone else.

Consulting & Asset Allocation

We think that our advisory service is one of the most sophisticated and realistic in the market.  We don’t believe markets behave ‘on average’, so why should our advice be constructed in this manner? It isn’t.


Drawing on lengthy investment experience and insightful, mathematical modelling, we believe that we can accurately estimate the effect of market shocks and what might happen to the likelihood of success if markets ‘don’t do what they are supposed to do’.  Sure, equities deliver a solid return on average over the long term, but tell that to the retiree who is now back at work.  Certainty is the real goal.

We also provide guidance on governance, investment committee structuring and participation, trade execution and even, corporate positioning.


Overall, we believe that our consulting services are a holistic solution for the modern-day advisor and give you the best chance of meeting your goals, regardless how basic or sophisticated they may be.  

It pays to be partnered with a company that has done it before.  Let our experience be your edge.


what we do
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